Monday, 27 June 2011

Percent Calculator+ v1.4.3

Percent Calculator+ is a simple and easy to use percent calculator designed for anyone who wants to perform percentage calculations. Features include:
  • Percentage - Input a number and % to get the percentage of that number. (i.e. 100 and 20% = 20% of 100 is 80)
  • Discount - Input a number and % to calculate the number after it has been subtracted by the percentage. (i.e. 100 - 20% is 80)
  • % Increment - Input a number and % to calculate the number after has been incremented by the percentage. (i.e. 100 + 20% is 120)
  • Percent Of - Input two numbers to calculate the percentage of the first number based on the second number. (i.e. 20 and 100 = 20 is 20% of 100)
  • Before Discount / Mark Up - Calculate original value of a number before it has been reduced by a percentage. (i.e. 100 and 10% = 100 before 10% discount is 111.1)
  • Before Increment - Calculate original value of a number before it has been increased by a percentage. (i.e. 100 and 10% = 100 before 10% increment is 90.9)
  • Percent Change - Calculate the percentage change from one number to another number. (i.e. 10 and 15 = An increment of 50%)
  • Tip Calculator - Calculate tips and bill split.
Percent Calculator+ also supports rounding to decimal places. Configure the amount of decimal places you would like to see the answer displayed as inside the settings menu.

More features to come! I will be implementing more features into the calculator over time. Please do not hesitate to provide suggestions or feedback on what type of features you would like to see in the calculator.

- Enabled moving app to SD card for supported OS versions (Android 2.2 and above).
- To provide a better user experience, ads have been redesigned to only show at the very bottom of the screen, and is hidden when the soft keyboard is activated.
- Fixed an issue with soft keyboard not showing the decimal symbol in Android 2.2 and above.
- Changed minimum Android OS to 1.6.

- Added a tip calculator
- Added a few extra settings in the settings menu
- Minor changes to UI behaviour for better usability

- Fixed a bug that was causing the calculator to crash if too big numbers are used in the Tip Calculator

- Switch between calculators easily! Swiping left or right on the screen now switches between the different type of calculators. This can be disabled in the settings menu.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes causes crashes when a physical keyboard is slided out
- Added a history list

- Added support for android 1.5 (Cupcake). Note that this may cause the app to show that it is using the READ_PHONE_STATE and WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission in android versions 1.6 or higher. This is due to 1.5 requesting the permission implicitly and 1.6 onwards requesting the permission explicitly. This app DOES NOT use those permissions in ANY way!

- Fixed some minor bugs
- Fixed an issue that was causing the calculator to display horribly on certain screen resolutions

- Changed to a more calculator friendly keyboard.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the wrong decimal seperator symbol to be shown on locales that use comma as a decimal seperator.

- Added an option that allows pressing the phone's search button for quickly opening the history list

- Made some minor cosmetic changes to the keyboard

- Added typing sounds to the keyboard. Adjust the volume (or mute it!) in the calculator settings.
- Added a popup preview of keys pressed on the keyboard

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  1. This is Android Calculator and not what i am searching .I am in search of decimal to percent calculator which will be quite helpful to calculate the percentage through decimal.

  2. You did a great job. You have shared an android calculator, it really a good percentage calculator .